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Vic Toews, president of the treasury board, responding to a Liberal question today. “Mr. Speaker, in 2004 the Liberals put in place a task force stating that they wanted proactive, comprehensive, pay equity legislation. This government is bringing that legislation forward. They did not do it. We are getting the job down.”

Vic Toews, president of the treasury board, responding to a Bloc question today. “We are simply following the recommendations of the Liberal task force in 2004 that said proactive pay equity legislation was needed.”

Explanation of the new legislation distributed by Toews’ office. “The Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act sets out a new, proactive approach to ensure compensation is equitable. The Act makes employers and bargaining agents jointly accountable for ensuring that wages are fair for all employees through the collective bargaining process…”

Chapter 16, final report of the Pay Equity Task Force, 2004. “The Task Force recommends that the new federal pay equity legislation provide that the process for achieving pay equity be separated from the process for negotiating collective agreements.”

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