The Job Information Questionnaire allows for the creation of dynamic interactive Job Questionnaire forms used to collect information needed by a steering committee to determine the value of the job.

The questionnaire can then be completed electronically from anywhere in the organization or a hardcopy can be produced for completion. The information is stored in the database for immediate retrieval and reporting.

A JIQ can collect job data, elicit factor by factor job evaluation judgements and collect supporting evidence to ground the judgement calls made. It is fully flexible and completely users definable.

The questionnaire will:

  • Focus on the factors and sub-elements to be used to evaluate the job – so that the information collected will adequately speak to those factors and make them visible and linked to the job;
  • Be user friendly with easy navigation through the questions;
  • Use language that is clear, direct, precise and concise; and
  • A voice component can be added to the questionnaire to assist entry of the information; and
  • Provide support to the author.

Job Descriptions Anyone?

The JIQ system has the ability to produce job descriptions from the information collected by the questionnaire process saving valuable time and resources.

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